Group sessions are a great accompaniment to drum lessons.  They are longer sessions where we work on the application of drumming.  

The things learned in the lessons are applied in a musical setting - whether that be in playing to music or creating solos, so we not only get a greater understanding on how these fit when we apply it to music, but it also gives you a chance to really internalise what you have already learnt in a lesson.

The main focus is on repeating the ideas and playing to different styles of music, and also playing variations of the things learned.

This really helps your skills as a drummer in the sense that it builds a good drumming vocabulary, internalises a great range of grooves and rhythms,  helps you in becoming accomplished and confident to play in all styles of music, and also building your own sound and having the tools to be able to improvise and express yourself freely on the drum kit.

We also go through exercises to improve your sense of time, feel, independence, speed, and improvisation.

There are 6 sessions that run on a monthly basis, and there is a group to suit every ability level and age.  All the sessions consist of small groups of a maximum of five people of similar ability and age, and everyone has their own drum-kit for the duration of the session.